SVG Open 2004

Conference and Exhibition

Tokyo, Japan · Sept 7-10, 2004

3rd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics 日本語


The SVG Open 2004 Exhibition will be held alongside the conference from September 8, 2004 (Wednesday) to September 10, 2004 (Friday) in a spatious, well-equipped exhibit hall that doubles as the venue socializing and networking. It will give you the opportunity to play with the latest SVG applications and tools, talk to their creators, and hear exciting news of upcoming SVG product developments.

Exhibition hours are as follows:

The list of exhibitors is provided below, including numbered booth as shown on the Exhibiting Hall map.

RESOLOGIC Inc. [booth #2]

RESOLOGIC is a Japanese company specialized in XML/SVG technologies. We design, develop, market, and support a suite of softwares that help automate print publishing and bussiness communication. Our main products are LayoutLogic, DrawLogic and FontLogic. LayoutLogic is a middle-ware that implements MS PowerPoint like interactive graphical interface on an internet web browser. Customers can use an on-demand graphic layouting software by accessing LayoutLogic on the server with their web browser. LayoutLogic requires Adobe SVG viewer and MS Internet Explorer to be installed. DrawLogic converts PDF documents to SVG files. It runs on the server as a software library. FontLogic adds Japanese True-Type font support to LayoutLogic and DrawLogic. Customers can also use fonts on the server via LayoutLogic. We belive SVG is very effective as an interface.

Products/Services: LayoutLogic DrawLogic FontLogic And few case examples using these produces.

Meister Corporation [booth #3]

Our company is a software developer. Software which Convert the Legacy CADdata to SVG, and Management System which using SVG is developed

Products/Services: Converting Software: SVG Converter for Visio,HPGL,DXF Management System: FIS(Facility Information System) Disaster prevention Mapping System

DocSoft, Inc. [booth #4]

DocSoft provides solutions to organizations that recognize the competitive advantage and cost-saving potential of using eXtensible Markup Language, or XML. We offer several products and services to businesses with the need to develop, publish and maintain large amounts of technical, business and medical data. Our services, software and tools are some of the most unique available, and allow for dynamically updating, maintaining and re-purposing critical and time-sensitive data.

Products/Services: SVGenie v1.0 A graphical tool for converting webCGM and CGM4 to SVG1.1 CGM2SVG SDK The engine behind SVGenie which converts webCGM and CGM4 to SVG or WMF. Written entirely in .Net.

KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. [booth #5]

KDDI is working to become the "Ubiquitous Solution Company" for all people and all forms of communication. Under this slogan, KDDI R&D Labs. is fully exploiting global-leading technologies and contributing to the creation of the Information Society through advances in communications.

Products/Services: goSVG Browser for Mobile Phone and some products regarding SVG Mobile

Data Base Promotion Center Japan
Database Promotion Center, Japan [booth #6]

GoSVG WG belongs to g Contents Exchange Promotion Association. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan and DataBase Promotion Center Japan supports this assiciation. goSVG WG is a working group to do a technological verification for Location Based Services that uses SVG. The member will exhibit the products by SVG for LBS.

Products/Services: Joint exhibition of the goSVG WG member ・SVG tiny browsers for various mobile devices. ・Various server solutions for LBS by SVG. ・SVG Tiny authoring tools. ・SVG contents for LBS.

Antenna House
Antenna House, Inc. [booth #7]

Antenna House, Inc. was founded in August of 1984 in Tokyo, Japan, as a software company, focused on data usability. Antenna House, Inc. has led data conversion Sector in Japan since August of 1984. We currently operate out of 5 international Locations and welcome New Partners from around the Globe.

Products/Services: XSL Formatter V3 is the best XSL-FO formatting engine, that has been developed to provide the ability to format a very large document at significantly faster speeds. XSL Formatter V3 offers features such as, GUI, support for over 50 languages, PDF generation, W3C XSL-FO compliance, extensions, high performance, unlimited document size and SVG support.

FAT Gadget
FAT Gadget [booth #8]

FAT Gadget is a full service website specializing in unique software applications, technologies and services from all over the world. Our main focus is on SVG related technologies and we carry a wide range of SVG products that covers every facet of SVG production, development and deployment. We also provide custom development services and state of the art conversion libraries. We are proud to work closely with the leaders in the SVG industry in Japan and throughout the world.

Products/Services: Product(s)/Service(s) Presented at Booth BitFlash: Mobile SVG Player BitFlash: Document Transcoder Beatware: e-Picture Pro Beatware: Mobile Designer Beatware: Live Assets Savage Software: PDF2SVG Savage Software: CAD2SVG Savage Software: DNG2SVG Savage Software: Data Slinger Software Mechanics: SVGmaker Standard Software Mechanics: SVGmaker Server Software Mechanics: SVGmaker Batch Custom development and libraries available from all of the companies listed above.

NEC Electronics Corporation [booth #9]

NEC Electronics Corporation was established as a separate entity from NEC Corporation on November 1, 2002, as a dedicated semiconductor manufacturer. NEC Electronics has long history supplying silicon devices and solutions to mobile handset manufacturers and other industries. NEC Electronics provides SVG Hardware Acceleration solutions targeted for mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. The SVG Tiny hardware accelerator is implemented in Display DriverIC, being part of the Display Module. All intensive computational tasks are performed in the dedicated hardware. Such implementation offers two-fold benefits. First, substantial performance and image quality improvement at lower power consumption. Second, fast implementation by replacement of Display module only, allowing the rest of mobile device hardware unchanged.

Products/Services: - Display Driver IC for colour LCD displays - Implementation of SVG Hardware Acceleration

ZOOMON Mobile Solutions AB [booth #10]

ZOOMON is a software product company providing solutions for visual mobile communication based on mobile SVG. The solutions address mobile phone and wireless device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators. ZOOMON is the leading worldwide supplier of embedded SVG Tiny viewers supplying several of the world’s largest terminal manufacturers including Sony-Ericsson and Siemens. ZOOMON’s active participation within the W3C is a vital mechanism allowing ZOOMON to contribute in shaping the future of mobile graphics. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information see

Products/Services: TBD
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