SVG Open 2003
Conference and Exhibition

Vancouver, Canada · July 13-18, 2003

2nd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics

Conference Schedule

Sunday / 13 July - Courses

Oak 1 Oak 2 Chehalis Thompson
[Computer Lab]
Cypress 1 Cypress 2
9:00 -
Introduction to SVG
Darryl Fuller
XSLT Quickstart
Mr. Paul A Prescod
Introduction to the DOM
Jarrett Bulat
Michael Gannon
Electronic Publishing with XML Technologies
Mr Benjamin Jung
SVG from Database Content
Dr. Graciela Gonzalez
Advanced SVG Programming
Kurt A Cagle
2:00 -
Designing and Building Web Sites that use SVG
Daniel German
XSLT Quickstart (continued) Intermediate DOM
Michael Gannon
Jarrett Bulat
Electronic Publishing with XML Technologies (continued) Cross-platform application development using the Mobile DOM
Andrew Emmons
Advanced SVG Programming (continued)

Monday / 14 July - Courses

Oak 1 Oak 2 Chehalis Thompson
[Computer Lab]
9:00 -
Map Production with SVG for Beginners
Tobias Dahinden
Yvonne Isakowski
Michael Cooper
Getting the server involved in SVG
Jim Ley
Generating an SVG Garden Map from an XML Plant Database
Richard W Pearman
Advanced webmapping with SVG
Mr Georg Held
Mr. Andreas Neumann
Mr Olaf Schnabel
Christopher T Lewis
Mr Ronan LM Oger
Gordon Bowman
2:00 -
Map Production with SVG for Beginners (continued) Building Smart Graphics Solutions with Corel Smart Graphics Studio
Mr Tom Hoferek
Generating an SVG Garden Map from an XML Plant Database (continued) Advanced webmapping with SVG (continued) Introduction to GML
Dr David Burggraf

Tuesday / 15 July

Salon A Salon B Salon C Salon D
9:00 Keynote — SVG: Where, How, and the Real World
Tim Bray
9:45 Keynote — SVG: The Sure Thing
Mr. Paul A Prescod
10:30 Break
11:00 Using XSLT to visualize Topic Maps in SVG on the web.
Mr Nikita Ogievetsky
SVG in the open
Mr Rod Walpole
Virtual Origami
Sienca Teng
Dr. Philip A. Mansfield
11:45 Supporting Inference over Geometric Objects
Dr Robert F Woodbury
Mr Wilson Chang
Mr David Botta
Mr Andrei Missine
SVG Dynamic Mapping
Mr. Bob Basques
Animated Mathematics
Samuel Dagan
12:30 Lunch and Exhibits Open
2:00 Making Accessible SVG
Dean Jackson
A client-server, component-based navigation system.
Tobias Dahinden
Dr. Andrea Terribilini
From the Abstract to the Concrete - Teaching Algorithms and Concepts with SVG Interactive Tools
Catherine R Emond
Dr. Ulrike Stege
Dr Eric G. Manning
Leveraging Cognitive Support in SVG Applications from the Host COTS Product
Anke Weber
Holger Kienle
Dr. Hausi A Muller
2:45 SVG Mapping for People with Visual Impairment
M. Benjamin Campin
Mr. Louis L Brunet
William A McCurdy
Dr Eva M Siekierska
Activities for realization of interoperability of location based services using SVG
Satoru Takagi
Arei Kobayashi
Takaya Tanaka
Generating Slides from Enhanced Media Content
Mr. Hauke ChristopH
Matthias Runge
Introduction to the SharpVectorGraphics Project
Mr. Don Demcsak
3:30 Break
4:00 Accessing SVG Content Linguistically and Conceptually
David Dodds
A Public Transport Mapping Example Using perl and mySQL
Mr Brendan J Morley
Interactive 3D Viewer Written in SVG
Cemile B Otkunc
Dr. Philip A. Mansfield
Developing SVG Applications with Microsoft.Net and SharpVectorGraphics
Mr. Don Demcsak
4:45 Programming SVG Advanced Access Using Metadata and Fuzzy Sets
David Dodds
Providing Transportation Planning Data in Dublin using SVG and XML
Mr Kieran J Kirwan
Mr Peter Cranny
Using SVG for graphically rich 2D content in mobile 3D games
Kiia Kallio
Sodipodi - open source native SVG editor for Linux and Windows
Lauris Kaplinski
5:30 Break
7:00 -
Dinner Boat Cruise
meet in hotel lobby at 6:40 pm

Wednesday / 16 July

Salon A Salon B Salon C Salon D
9:00 SVG and Fonts
David Schweinsberg
Database-driven Generation of SVG-Maps with the Apache Cocoon 2 Framework
Peter Schaer
Programmatic Rendering of Directed, Weighted Graphs
Dr. Philip A. Mansfield
Mark A Ambachtsheer
Generating Graphs and Charts from Database Queries using SVG
Dr. Graciela Gonzalez
Mr. Gaurav H Dalal
9:45 Automated Marker Generation
Bob Sabiston
Alison Meynert
Brian J Wing
Delivering Interactive Topographic Web-maps using Open-Source Database Technology
Mr. Andreas Neumann
SVG Interface for an Electrical Network Switching Training Aid
Mr. Domhnall Walsh
Prof. Paul J Nolan
Comparison between XML to SVG Transformation Mechanisms - The GraphML use case
Christophe Jolif
10:30 Break
11:00 Rendering Arbitrary XML in SVG 1.2
Jon Ferraiolo
Interactive Cartography for Interactive Government
Dr. Brandon S Plewe
SVG in Manufacturing: Current Possibilities and Future Perspectives
Mr Stephen C Kingston
Rob Williamson
Accelerating SVG Transformations with Pipelines
Eric Gropp
11:45 Panel — SVG Working Group: Questions and Answers
Chris Lilley
Business webmapping with SVG
Mr Georg Held
An introduction to a complete SVG-Platform including Authoring Solution, Dynamic Data and Real-Time Data
Alexander AA Adam
Improving the Performance of Dynamic SVG
Mr. Rhodes Brown
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Panel — Creating SVG Brand Recognition
Mr. Jonas A Lindgren
Alexander AA Adam
Mr Richard A. See
Tim Bray
Chris Komnick
Rob Williamson
Mr. Michael Bierman
Spatial ETL, Mapping and SVG
Mr. Don Murray
Mary Jo Wagner
Juan Chu Chow
Mapping Distributed Communities using SVG
Ms Elizabeth J Turner
Using SVG and XSLT for graphic representation
Andres Baravalle
Marco Gribaudo
Vitaveska Lanfranchi
Tiziana Sandri
2:45 Panel — Apache Batik Panel Discussion
Vincent Hardy
Christophe Jolif
Thomas E DeWeese
Interactive SVG mapping with MapInfo location based intelligence
M. Dany Bouchard
SVG in Homeland Security and Military Applications
Norm Froman
Stirring XML: Visualisations in SVG
Mr Benjamin Jung
3:30 Break
4:00 -
Vancouver Aquarium Excursion

Thursday / 17 July

Salon A Salon B Salon C Salon D
9:00 Keynote — Leveraging the Right Tools for Reusable SVG Application Development
Mr. Shane ND Aulenback
9:45 Keynote — SVG Scenarios Using Microsoft Office Visio 2003
Mr Richard A. See
Ms Stella Du
Mr. Blair Shaw
10:30 Break
11:00 SVG, PDF and ImageViewer
Jon Ferraiolo
Tirol Atlas - an SVG based online Atlas Information System
Klaus Förster
andré m winter
JavaServer(tm) Faces and Scalable Vector Graphics
Vincent Hardy
Craig McClanahan
The Indiana Jones' life would be easier with MAGIS
M. Sc. Ricardo A G C Martins
Jorge Rocha
Pedro Henriques
11:45 XHTML and SVG: Publishing with concept
Mr Benjamin Jung
Monitoring and Analyzing Rocket Trajectory using SVG
Joăo Louis
Dr. Nandamudi L Vijaykumar
SVG Programmers Application Resource Kit
Christopher T Lewis
Dr. Philip A. Mansfield
Glenn MacDonald
Mr Alastair Fettes
A JAVA based SVG Viewer for the Pocket PC
Jorge Rocha
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Putting SVG On Paper
Richard Jinks
Using XML and SVG in advanced geological information systems: a case of cross-border UK-NL stratigraphy explored
ir. Jan Jellema
Data-layer Collaboration in Graphical and Text Authoring
Mr Michael Fergusson
Mr. Paul A Prescod
SVG in 3GPP Multimedia Messaging and Streaming Services
Tolga Capin
2:45 Building a simple GIS application in Perl and in php
Mr Ronan LM Oger
Visualisation of dynamic glacier processes with SVG animation
Yvonne Isakowski
Collaborative SVG as A Web Service
Xiaohong Qiu
Bryan Carpenter
Geoffrey C Fox
Creating Compelling Content for Wireless Devices
Joel Steele
3:30 Break
4:00 Implementing Raster Operations using SVG Filter Elements
Brian J Wing
SVG As an Editing Environment for Geographical Data
Nedjo Rogers
SVG Bioinformatics Collaboration Tool
Dr. William Rutherford
Incremental SVG mobility and update
Andrew Girow
4:45 Testing SVG - Lessons Learned
Shona McPherson
Craig Dixon
Modeling the Scalable Vector Graphic ( SVG) data for the Cartographic Generalization and the Multiple Representation on the web
Dr. Edouard Gbei
Jabeur Nafaa
Ioana Cosma
Moulin Bernard
Distributed GML Management With SVG Tools
Mr Gunnar Misund
Mr. Henning Kristiansen
Mr. Mats Lindh
New Approaches in an SVG Authoring Tool - and Environment
Alexander AA Adam
5:30 Break and Exhibits Close

Friday / 18 July

Salon A Salon B Salon C Salon D
9:00 A New Horizon for SVG: Bioinformatics
Benjamin G.S. Horsman
SVG Explorer of GML Data
Mr Luca Piazza Bonati
Mr Luciano Fortunati
Mr Giuseppe Fresta
Using SVG for More Effective Storyboards
Mr Ronald DeSerranno
The Next Generation of SVG Files: SVG Fragments
Benoit Bezaire
9:45 A Configurable SVG Magnifying Glass
Dr. Philip A. Mansfield
Ahmet Gurcan
Versatile Risk Indicator Maps using SVG
Barend Köbben
Using XSLT and SVG in Teaching: 3D, Sound and Nostalgia
Prof Bob Hopgood
Prof David A Duce
Paul R Hopgood
Serverside SVG Examples
Mr Ronan LM Oger
10:30 Break
11:00 Visualizing Database Management with SVG
Ms. Jinyu Wang
Embedding Domain Semantics in SVG
Yi-Hong Chang
Tyng-Ruey Chuang
Is SVG 1.1 up to the task for Technical Graphics?
Lofton Henderson
Dieter Weidenbrueck
Park and Go - An SVG Client Application
Mr Paul J Lynch
Mr Benjamin Jung
11:45 Panel — SVG and Mapping - Possible Enhancements to a Future SVG Standard Regarding Cartographic Requirements
Mr. Andreas Neumann
Barend Köbben
M. Dany Bouchard
Jon Ferraiolo
Chris Lilley
Mr Georg Held
Dr. Brandon S Plewe
Programming SVG with Perl
Mr Ronan LM Oger
SVG for Process Visualisation
Dr ir Johan W. Koolwaaij
Peter Fennema
Diederik Van Leeuwen
Simplified Complexity
Kurt A Cagle
12:30 Lunch
2:00 The Power of the Chart in the User Interface
Adrian Smith
Cleopatra: Publishing GML data as interactive SVG maps
Alison Meynert
Compiling SVG: How and Why
Dr Michael Levy
Quetzalcoatl Bradley
Calin Somosan
Creating SVG Pie Charts through XSLT via a Web Service: An Experience Report
Paul Asman
2:45 The beginners guide to making bad SVG presentations
Dean Jackson
What is a Map Style? Building on GML and SVG.
Mr. Ron Lake
Giving another look to Scalable Vector Graphics
Mr Jerrold Maddox
Anatomy of Dynamic SVG Web Services
Mr. Paul A Prescod
3:30 Break
4:00 Keynote — The Craft of SVG
Dr. Philip A. Mansfield
4:45 Keynote — The Next-Generation Web Client
Chris Lilley
5:30 End of Conference

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