SVG Open 2003
Conference and Exhibition

Vancouver, Canada · July 13-18, 2003

2nd Annual Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics

Presenter Information

Editing your Abstract

You should log in to check for any reviewer suggestions regarding your abstract or the presentation itself. Abstracts are published here, and can be updated by the presenter at any time by uploading a new file of the same name. You should also verify that all other information is complete and accurate, and you should enter a short biography if you have not already done so, since this is published here as well.

Submitting your Paper

Presenters are asked to create and upload a paper in gcapaper format by June 1, 2003. gcapaper is an XML grammar for conference papers created by IDEAlliance and used for their XML conferences, such as XML 2003 and XML Europe 2003. The DTD and usage guidelines can be downloaded here. A number of XML-editing applications have specific support for gcapaper. We recommend using an XML editor/validator in conjunction with SchemaSoft's gcapaper Web Publisher, which can be downloaded for free. gcapaper Web Publisher includes XSLT to transform your paper to XHTML 1.1 for viewing, and CSS to style the results. There is support for image files referenced from your paper in SVG, PNG, GIF or JPEG formats. These same stylesheets will be used to publish the conference Web proceedings, and they have been integrated into the SVG Open 2003 Online Services, so you can preview drafts of your papers online if you prefer. They will not be publicly available online until after June 1, 2003.

Paper Resources

Submitting your Presentation

Presenters are also asked to create and upload their presentation slides by July 1, 2003. We recommend creating your slides using SVG and/or other XML standards, and there are a number of free toolkits available for this purpose, listed below.

Each presentation room will have a microphone, a projector for hooking up a laptop, and a PC for those without a laptop. There will be an identical set-up in the Speaker Ready Room for testing. If you need specific software to be installed on the PC, please indicate this in the special requests field of your submission. Be sure to allow approximately 35 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for questions, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms.

Presentation Resources

Preparing your Panel Discussion

Presenters leading a panel discussion need not submit a paper or presentation slides in advance of the conference. They should make sure their submitted abstract includes an agenda for the panel discussion, and that they have listed each panelist as a co-author.

In advance of your panel discussion, it is recommended that you discuss the agenda with all panelists, and that you prepare your own list of questions for the panelists in case this is needed to start the flow of questions from the audience. The recommended timing of the panel discussion is approximately 10 minutes spent on introducing the panelists and agenda, 30 minutes of questions and discussion, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms.

Preparing your Student Poster

Students presenting a poster need not submit a paper in advance of the conference. They should however submit an electronic image of their poster by July 1, 2003 using the file upload process for presentation slides. Preferred formats for this image are SVG, PDF, PNG or JPEG, at sufficient resolution to be intelligible.

Poster presenters are expected to show up at the conference with their poster, and to be available periodically in the exhibition hall to answer questions about the research being presented (whenever absent, please post a note giving the time when you will return). Posters should fit into an 8-foot wide by 4-foot high (2.4-meter wide by 1.2-meter high) space.

Preparing your Course

Course instructors should log in to verify all their submitted information, and add to or edit it accordingly. Their course title, target audience, course description and table of contents are published here as soon as they are entered, so it is important that these are entered consistently and accurately. The course description and table of contents multi-line fields get placed in an XHTML <td> table cell, so legal XHTML markup in this context can be utilized for formatting. Instructor biographies get published here.

We will be setting up a small computing lab for use in hands-on courses, with one or two people per PC, depending on the numbers. If your course requires this lab, please indicate so in the special requests field, and also indicate what software you need installed on each machine.

Registering for the Conference

If you are the primary presenter of a paper, panel or poster, or you are a course instructor, you must register for the conference before May 16, 2003 in order to qualify for the relevant discount, using the discount code that has been sent to you. The information you submitted to get a password for the SVG Open 2003 Online Services did not constitute registration. Registration is a separate process using online forms linked from the Registration and Pricing page.

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