SVG and Mapping - Possible Enhancements to a Future SVG Standard Regarding Cartographic Requirements

Abstract for a Panel Discussion at the SVG Open conference, Vancouver, 2003

Andreas Neumann
Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich
ETH Hoenggerberg, CH-8093 Zurich

Fax: ++41-1-6331153


This is a preliminary list - changes will most likely happen

Keywords: SVG and Mapping, interactive maps, Online-GIS, enhancements to future SVG standards


Application Developers in the domain of SVG and Webmapping, tool vendors and members of the W3C SVG working group discuss various ideas and requirements that could help cartographers to be more productive and help to implement more graphically rich and interactive webmapping applications. Ideas and Requirements should be discussed regarding their feasibility and usefulness, both for SVG viewer implementors and users from other domains besides mapping and GIS.

Possible Discussion Topics (we should select 3-4 important ones out of the whole list):

We have to bear in mind that it is more useful and important that software vendors first implement full support for the existing standards SVG 1.0 and 1.1 before we start adding new features. Very specialized standards have a small user community and thus will be less likely implemented by the large software vendors. Some general aspects, like XForms integration are more urgent and important to be cleanly integrated with SVG than the addition of specialized cartographic features. Nevertheless, it is important to detect and discuss possible extensions for SVG 2.0 early in order to make sure they will make it into the requirement documents on time. After all, many requirements made by cartographers might also be interesting for application developers in other domains: e.g. CAD, architecture, engineering, etc.

Many aspects listed above are already listed in the W3C requirements document for SVG 1.2/2.0: