New Approaches in an SVG Authoring Tool - and Environment

From:EvolGrafiX Europe, International
Author:Alexander Adam, M. Matz
Presenter:Alexander Adam
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No one will claim that SVG is not a powerful, new vectorgraphic-format. With the currently available SVG 1.1 and the coming 1.2 it even gets further extended with UI-Controls and much more, even videos will be possible. But until today, the exploring of the full power of SVG is nearly impossible in a valueable time, because writing many basic svg definitions like gradients, shapes and much more per hand is very hard and time-costing. There are export possibilities available from famous vectorgraphic-applications like Adobe's Illustrator and Corel Draw, but they are far away from using the real advantages from SVG. For example synchronizing the code with the design, the powerful Dom manipulation, animations and the interactivity. This makes the export of such graphic-applications useful for a base of new graphics, but nearly unuseable to build real SVG Presentations and Applications.

After a long development time, EvolGrafiX produced an authoring solution that perfectly fitst into the previous issues and can even do much more. It extends the power of SVG by an extensive use of it. SVG is used as the native format. Advantages like dom-design-code synchronization are given and will be shown at this presentation. Other tools like the fast engine, fine rendering, animation features, stylesheets and the interactivity will be also presented in some simple demos. The Presentation will show how and where SVG can go with a powerful authoring solution and how real SVG-Applications and Presentations can be build easily with the help of this solution.