Using SVG for More Effective Storyboards


Keywords: SVG, Storyboards, Animation


Ron DeSerranno

MOBIFORM Software Ltd.



BoardMaster Storyboarding Software is a Windows based software product used for the development of storyboards. The software is basically a visualization tool designed to display static layouts of a story before going to film or animation. The software currently uses binary BMP and JPG file formats and saves the project information in a proprietary binary file. MOBIFORM, when asked to produce a newer version of the software, proposed that SVG be used as the native image and document format.


This discussion will cover how an SVG based product can enhance the functionality and utility of the software when compared to the current product implementation. It will show how SVG can increase the portability of the software, and how it can open the doors for a new features that would have been much more difficult to implement in the initial product design.


About the Company

MOBIFORM Software Ltd. was founded in 2002 with a focus on developing SVG technology to assist in the rapid development of SVG related products, and to provide SVG development services.