The Next Generation of SVG Files: SVG Fragments

Benoit Bezaire, Software Developer - Smart Graphics, Corel Corporation

Until now, the most common SVG workflow has typically been to use various authoring tools (native or not) to create stand-alone SVG files ready to be consumed by a viewer. This is today's reality because SVG has not yet been used to its full potential.

SVG can accomplish much more than what developers may currently believe to be possible. The typical stand-alone document workflow might be adequate for some, but it is not powerful enough to address all of the industry's needs and spur wide-spread adoption. The typical producer/consumer workflow that we are familiar with is about to change.

We are entering into a new era when people will no longer be asking for SVG stand-alone documents. Instead, they will be looking for SVG fragments. The producer will no longer be limited to generating only the final form SVG, but more importantly, will now be able create reusable assets. SVG has features and potential that have not been fully exploited.

The industry requires - and is asking for - more granular SVG. A new generation of tools is about to take advantage of the untapped potential of SVG. Graphics artists and developers will use the Web to share and publish SVG assets for third parties to consume or reuse. The era of smart, live, and reusable SVG assets has arrived.

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