SVG in the open


This presentation looks at our experience in developing software applications that use SVG and the challenges that we have faced in implementing these in commercial and government organisations in the UK.

Exponent Limited is a software development company based on the south coast of England. Formed in 1998, we have been developing software solutions for UK clients in various market sectors including:

Our initial business focus was on the emerging database technologies for managing spatial data being developed by Oracle, IBM and Informix in the late 1990's and is application in the organisations we were working with. One of the main requirements was (and still is) to get information from these enterprise databases and other data stores out to any user that needs it in a form that is easy for them to understand and using a simple intuitive user interface. What the users needed was to see complex information in the most appropriate way - for example displayed on a map, as a graph or chart - using a standard browser but with a more sophisticated user interface that would allow them more dynamic interaction with the data. In 1999 we began to investigate the use of SVG to meet these requirements and quickly made the decision to adopt this as an important element of our software solutions portfolio.


Exponent was chosen in 2000 to develop a suite of Location Based Services applications for Trackology Limited. Trackology provides a location based service portal for locating devices such as mobile phones that have the capability to determine where they are in the world using methods such as a GPS or GSM Cell Id. This gave us our first opportunity to develop an SVG client user interface for LocoMotion the J2EE framework of spatial and reporting services we were developing.

The presentation will demonstrate the TrackGPS product that enables Benefon (GPS) phones to be located and displayed as a dynamic icon on a map. This is being used in lone worker protection, freight logistics and sales force management.

Cable & Wireless

In early 2002 Exponent deployed a LocoMotion based application to Cable & Wireless that allows global transmission network and utilisation data to be viewed in a geographic context. This is providing worldwide sales staff and network infrastructure planners with an up-to-date and simple picture of what is spare, allocated, reserved, and used within a network.

The presentation will demonstrate the Cable and Wireless application accessing global map and cable circuit data from a remote test database.

Lessons learnt

This presentation looks at the software architecture used and the reason for choosing this design to provide LBS and services and in particular the good, the bad and the ugly (SVG) experiences we had in implementing it.

These experiences cover areas such as: