A stellar atlas in SVG.

We (are going to) produce an interactive map for any stellar constellation. You can choose a place around the world and a time (also now). You get back the stellar constellation in the zenit of this place. You can zoom in and out. The map should be adaptive to the browser window.


We assume that a user makes a request with a JavaScript enabled SVG Viewer. The user has to say from which time and which place she wants a map. We also want to know the screen size.


The stellar constellations are stored in fundamental cataloges. We take catalog number six to calculate the coordinates of the stars. The coordinates are then transformed and porjected to the SVG coordinate system. This calculations are done serverside during the request. With a script some interaction to the SVG is added.


We send back a map with the requested star constellation. Further the user has the possibility to zoom and then the number of stars is changed. The number of stars per screen area should be equal for each zoomlevel. We call this adaptive zooming.

The user gets some information if she moves the mouse over the map. She gets the names of the stars, their luminance and the name of the constellation.