STATLINE, the SVG mapping service of Statistics Netherlands

Keywords: Web mapping, Data-driven graphics, Server-side generated SVG, Case studies

Statistics Netherlands is a department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Its work programme is determined by the Central Commission for Statistics. The CCS is an independent commission made up of representatives from government, the scientific community and society at large. It watches over the independence, impartiality, relevance, quality and continuity of the statistical programme. The Director-General of Statistics Netherlands may independently decide on the selection of the research methods and on publishing the results.

The information Statistics Netherlands collects incorporates a multitude of societal aspects, from macro-economic indicators such as economic growth and consumer prices, to the income of individual people. To obtain this information Statistics Netherlands makes as much use as possible of data from existing registrations. It also conducts hundreds of surveys every year among companies, households and private and public institutions. The survey results provide a wealth of information about Dutch society. The statistical expertise and scientific analysis of these results guarantee accurate and reliable information.

Statline is the electronic databank of Statistics Netherlands. It contains statistical information on many social and economic subjects in the form of tables and graphs. All the information in StatLine may be consulted, printed and downloaded free of charge. In addition to the search function with key words (Hypersearch) you can use the Webselector to select a publication from StatLine. Statistics Netherlands has decided to publish StatLine data also in the form of statistical maps. Experiments started in 2002 and resulted in a test site in early 2003. On this site, Server-side generated SVG is used to provide the user with a flexible, customisable interface to all StatLine publications, providing output in the form of maps, graphs and tables.

The poster will explain the functionality and technical setup of the site anf dfuture plans of Statitics Netherlands with SVG technology.