Interactive SVG mapping with MapInfo location based intelligence

Dany Bouchard, President DBx GEOMATICS INC.



In the exiting world of geographic information systems (GIS), desktop mapping has taken a critical role for managing and using spatial information for business. The introduction of this technology allowed companies to integrate spatial data and analysis in areas where location-derived information was simply not present.

As one of the most user friendly desktop GIS, the MapInfo Professional environment can be used to develop applications of great value for business decisions. When merged with Scalable Vector Graphics, this creates a new generation of fully compatible, standard-based web mapping solutions. MapInfo Professional can be svg-enabled using SVGMapMaker, a product that leverages the graphics quality of SVG to create simple and effective web mapping applications right from this GIS environment. When working with their existing data, customers can quickly create interactive SVG maps and share them across the enterprise or on the Internet.

This part of the presentation will describe for the participant the following technical implementations of desktop GIS SVG solutions:


MapInfo server-side web mapping engine and SVG

MapXtreme for Windows® is a powerful Internet mapping server for Windows® for broad deployment of mapping applications. Based on the MapX object, MapXtreme is limited to generating content as static images such as GIF or JPEG format. DBx GEOMATICS has developed a product called svgX to take the output capabilities of MapInfo MapXtreme for Windows® to new levels. As MapXtreme is used for the broad deployment of mapping applications on the web, svgX is made to enable live scalable vector graphics (svg) outputs and create a much more interactive experience. svgX is a full component with methods and properties to successfully generate svg-based vector mapping from GIS data in real-time. This allows building interactive and intelligent web-mapping applications that use svg to deliver high-quality XML maps on the client. svgX can be used to make impressive on-line cartographic animations or provide on-line map layer editing. Several options are also available as part of the software to take advantage of SVG's advanced graphic capabilities such as filter effects, color gradients, opacity control, hyperlinking, infotips, info tool, animations etc. This dynamic product combination has the ability to publish extremely large mapping datasets, based on existing customer GIS data or enterprise databases. With this structure, it is feasible to quickly get an svg mapping application up and running with maps from a country view to the street level.

During this session, we will show the impact that new technologies like svgX can have on the development of SVG web mapping applications by demonstrating the following implementations:


As a suite of innovative software, DBx GEOMATICS svg product line integrated with MapInfo components can be used to develop sophisticated SVG mapping applications. On the desktop, customers can greatly benefit from the advanced features of SVGMapMaker to quickly produce mapping content in SVG from any entreprise data repository.

As a dynamic server-side duo, MapXtreme and svgX enable the development of advanced on-line web mapping applications that can feature animations and data editing.

Overall, the sophisticated graphic rendering and interactivity of SVG allow for a new generation of XML mapping that share high quality and a very rich set of cartographic styles. This non-proprietary, opened text-based technology leverages the power of shared geo-spatial data and applications.