SVG in Manufacturing: Current Possibilities and Future Perspective

Stephen Kingston, Lead Program Manager - Smart Graphics, Corel Corporation

The manufacturing industry has been a leader in adopting SVG and exploiting its abilities for application development and user interface creation. The reason for this is simple. SVG enables manufacturers to streamline value chains by providing customers and employees with tailored access to a broader base of information than was previously thought possible.

Typically, developers are mandated to update business processes to improve profitability while allowing customers to achieve a significant return on investment. SVG technologies are making this a reality. Leaders in manufacturing are currently using SVG technologies for a variety of projects including:

Stephen Kingston from Corel Corporation will provide an overview of the benefits of SVG to this market, discussing real-world case studies on current applications. This presentation will focus on business case and development requirements that went into these projects. In addition, he will also present a prototype highlighting the benefits of SVG applications and will describe the best practices for deploying SVG applications.

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