The world is increasingly a dangerous place with threats coming from many different groups and from different regions. In order to combat these threats, groups and agencies involved must be able to plan preventative action on a worldwide scale. This requires systems that can integrate many types of data and present it in a logical, easy to use form. In the case of an attack, these agencies must be able to respond quickly and have all the groups involved able to communicate using data from many different sources.


Scalable Vector Graphics is well suited to answer these tasks and many others. The system that has be put together by Geotechnologies can input data from AutoCAD, Microstation, ESRI products, Map Info and Smallworld, as well as, many others. The system can ingest Space Imaging, Digital Globe, aerial photos and have the analyst working in an AOI within seconds. The XML capabilities allow the access and display of data in virtually any storage format.


When you combine the capabilities listed above with the worldwide set of detailed SVG country maps created by Geotechnologies, it becomes a powerful system to assist in combating the threat of terrorism, throughout the world. The user can be operating on maps or imagery in any country of the world within about 3-4 mouse clicks. The user can make use of a powerful set of analysis tools that have been created for many different functions. In addition to the world map set, Geotechnologies has created over 30 very accurate map layers over the complete US. Various point data sets can be used at any level, from the world level to the county level and below.


Considering all the advanced capabilities, SVG provides an excellent vehicle for the war on terrorism and any military action that would be required.