Next Generation Web Applications

How SVG is going to revolutionize the Web

Ideaburst started working with SVG in early 2000 before Adobe released the first version of their SVG viewer. As we were already pushing the envelope of what was possible with web applications by making extensive use of DHTML, Adobe hired us to see what we could do with SVG to showcase the technology. While we were skeptical at first, we became true believers and created an online ticket purchasing demo (the basis for the theater demo on Adobe's site), The Visual Building Search, SVG Draw, a prototype for MapQuest, and a handful of other demos and tutorials.

Today, we are about to ship Visual Corporation™ an SVG-based facilities management application that literally looks and acts like a desktop application despite running in a browser. What's the big deal? We'll show you how SVG is going to revolutionize the Web, discuss what we've learned over the past three years, and talk about how to build and SVG-based application.

Our talk will include the following topics: