JavaServer(tm) Faces and Scalable Vector Graphics

The Apache Batik project is currently is moving towards its 1.5 final release.

The JavaServer(tm) Faces framework helps developers build Web applications in a user interface agnostic way, meaning that you can use JavaServer Faces technology with HTML, WML, or any other user interface markup. This session demonstrates how the combination of the JavaServer(tm) Faces framework and SVG allows the development of visually compelling and interactive Web applications.

The first part of the session describes the JavaServer(tm) Faces technology, a server-side user interface component framework for Java(tm) technology-based web applications.

The second part of the session explains what was required to integrate Scalable Vector Graphics rendering in the JavaServer(tm) Faces framework. A demonstration will show the same application rendered in HTML and in SVG.

Finally, the last part of the session discusses the lessons learned during the integration of SVG and JavaServer(tm) Faces and in particular how this relates to the upcoming SVG 1.2 features.