Developing SVG Applications with Microsoft.Net and SharpVectorGraphics

SharpVectorGraphics is an open-source project upon the Microsoft.Net framework and is introduced in the "Introduction to SharpVectorGraphics" session. The project's goal is to give developers a set of core modules which can be used together or individually to support specific SVG solutions on the .Net framework.

The goal of this session is to explain how to use the SharpVectorGraphics components to develop Microsoft .Net applications with SVG. The session uses concrete Microsoft .Net and SVG code examples.

The session contains three sections. The first section explains how to create graphics on the Microsoft .Net framework using just SVG. The second section describes how to convert SVG images to other formats such as PNG and printing. The last section explains how to add SVG viewing capabilities to .Net applications.

One of SVG's goals is to provide an open XML format for rich 2D graphics, which allows applications to exchange graphical data easily. The first section discusses enabling developers to create graphics on the .Net framework without having learning the proprietary Microsoft .Net Graphic Device Interface. The heart of this technology is the GDI Rendering engine, which allows .Net applications to convert SVG to .Net standard graphic objects. The second section shows how convert the standard .Net graphics objects to other formats like PNG and printers. The third section shows you to use the SharpVectorGraphics SVGPictureBox to add SVG viewing capabilities to .Net applications.

The session ends with a summary of the SharpVector modules, including examples of real-applications which use them and future enhancements.