Automated Visualization of Intelligent Graphics in SVG

Rutie Chen               John Terris

SPX Corporation – Valley Forge T. I. S.

1525 Fairlane circle

Allen Park, Michigan, 48101 U.S.A.





SVG provides a solution for 2D XML-based vector graphics, which opens up powerful ways for using digital data to generate intelligent drawings on the fly. Today’s technical information publishing requires content providers to produce dynamic, high quality and internet-based information systems.  SVG, combined with its scripting capabilities, is very powerful in producing intelligent 2D drawing such as wiring diagrams or electrical schematics from a server-side dataset.

This paper presents project work being done at Valley Forge aiming at generating wiring diagrams on the fly from server-side data. A sever-side relational database has been designed and developed to store information about objects such as components, connectors, cavities and pins.  Different information from this dataset will be retrieved and presented by using SQL queries and service-level wiring diagram business logic. Valley Forge has developed over the 35 years of industry leading automotive service wiring diagram development.

One important step for visualization is the management and mapping of the wiring data to graphical objects. A generic SVG graphic object library is created in the relational database and can be called to generate the drawings. The other crucial point is how to display the drawings in a well-organized and feasible manner that meets the standards and expectations of the industry customers of Valley Forge has come to expect. We will build our content layout management system based several mathematical algorithms and several industrial standard optimizations.

Many times it is not enough to deliver such rich-content graphics to web.  Some users require a system that has additional functionalities such as client-side manipulation and object animation. Client-side scripting using EcmaScript interactivity enables users to view additional object information in graphic format as needed. The server-side generates the client-side scripts for manipulating intelligent “from-to” navigational information. To enhance the visibility of the drawings, wires can be animated based on current flow through path and components.

SVG has enabled Valley Forge to generate a functional and data-driven intelligent wiring diagram solution for the automotive industry.