Animated Mathematics

Abstract of a paper to be presented at the SVG Open 2003

Samuel Dagan, Tel-Aviv University

The talk is based on a teachware project of mathematics for science and engineering students of the first year. Teachware means a teaching aid to be open with a web browser. This presentation includes animated SVG graphics from very basic calculus and therefore it aims also the general audience without any mathematical orientation.

The first part of the talk is meant to be short. An open source java program uses the quadratic Bezier-Casteljau method for convenient expression of two dimensional curves. A finite curve provided by the user is approximated in number of intervals as quadratic expressions. The number of intervals is automatically obtained by the required error limit. The algorithm will be described and examples will be shown. More details are available on the web site of the program.

The second part will be the core of the presentation with animated graphics. Three of them are a must and if time permits, more can be added. Since they are written with the purpose of teaching, each one of them consists of two parts presented in parallel and modified consecutively: text with the written explanation about the next stage and the graphics changing appearance and animated.

The detailed list of the three animated presentations follows.