SVG Open / Carto.net
Developers Conference

Zurich, Switzerland - July 15-17, 2002


Conference Fees / Pricing

All fees are charged in swiss franks (1 US$ is approx. 1.7 chf). Fees are preferably paid by credit card (Visa, Master/Eurocard, American Express). A secure online-form for the payment can be found at the registration page. If you don't have access to a credit-card, please contact the conference office for information on bank-transfer. In case of a bank-transfer you should still register in order to choose menue, workshops and accompanying persons. Instead of paying by credit-card you can then use bank-transfer. Please note that we cannot send invoices (this is unusual for conferences), but can send payment-confirmation if needed by fax or mail. All attendees will automatically get payment confirmation when they register on site at the conference in Zurich.

Conference fee refunding can only be carried out, if we are informed on your absence prior to the conference!

Regular Attendee until April 30 chf. 475 (approx. US$ 280)
Presenter until April 30 chf. 250 (approx. US$ 150)
Student until April 30 chf. 170 (approx. US$ 100)
Regular Attendee after April 30 chf. 650 (approx. US$ 380)
Student after April 30 chf. 170 (approx. US$ 100)
Day Pass (does not include icebreaker event) chf. 200 (approx. US$ 120)
Regular Workshop Fee (you don't need a daypass or conference registration for the workshop) chf. 425 (approx. US$ 250)
Student Workshop Fee chf. 170 (approx. US$ 100)
Technical Exhibition 5sqm booth (see details) chf. 650 (approx. US$ 380)
Technical Exhibition 10sqm booth (see details) chf. 1300 (approx. US$ 760)

Conference Fees include:

The conference fee does not include additional meals (f.e. lunch). However participants can eat at ETH's restaurant and cafeteria for approx. 10 Swiss-Franks per meal. Please note that we cannot refund conference fees after the conference took place! In case you cannot attend the conference, please tell the office about refunding (sekarto@karto.baug.ethz.ch) prior to the conference.

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