SVG Open / Carto.net
Developers Conference

Zurich, Switzerland - July 15-17, 2002


Current Exhibitors at the technical exhibition:

Amaya is a browser & authoring tool with a WYSIWYG interface that allows you to publish documents on the Web. It is used to demonstrate and test many of the new developments in W3C Web protocols and data formats. Given the very fast moving nature of Web technology, Amaya has a central role to play. It is open source, versatile and extensible and is available on both Unix and Win32.
Apache Batik
Apache Batik SVG Toolkit
Apache Batik is a Java(tm) technology based toolkit for applications that want to use images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for various purposes, such as viewing, generation or manipulation. Batik can be used in client and server applications.
BitFlash is the industry-recognized leader in Mobile SVG. The BitFlash Mobility Suite enables content creators, carriers, and device manufacturers to develop, deliver, and predictably display visually rich, Mobile SVG content for mobile messaging on wireless devices. As a member of the W3C and the 3GPP, BitFlash is committed to open standards and interoperability.
Exponent LocoMotion
Exponent LocoMotion
is a software product that lets people see rich data content, such as maps, and business graphics and allows them to explore and interact with that data, over the web. LocoMotion is an efficient and cost effective way of providing wider access to complex data displayed in a simple and instantly meaningful way.
Exponent LocoMotion
Jasc Software
Jasc WebDRAW is a complete SVG authoring solution. It delivers a robust set of graphics design and source code editing tools for fast and flexible SVG design and development.
SVG Studio
PCX Software
Presentation of the current SVG product-line, including SVG Studio (Authoring Suite), SVG Builder (SVG Coding), Steer (e-Lerning) and SVG Browser. SVG Studio is the complete authoring suite that gives visual design.

Giving a technical exhibition at SVG Open

There will be a technical exhibition at the conference, presenting products and open-source projects around SVG. We are targeting towards companies and projects providing SVG authoring systems, converters, server-side components as well as SVG consultants and solution providers.

Equipment for a Booth


Computing and other Equipment

Exhibitors are supposed to organize their own computing and other technical equipment needed. The conference office can assist in organizing your exhibition.


Commercial Exhibitors: 650 sfr. (approx. 400 US$) for a 5 square meter booth, 1300 sfr. (approx. 800 US$) for 10 square meter booth

Uncommercial (Open Source) Projects: FREE

If you are interested in exhibiting or need additional information please fill in the registration page or contact us directly by mail.

Exposition technique

Une exposition technique se tiendra durant la conférence afin de permettre la présentation de produits et de projets Open Source lié au SVG, par des consultants, des sociétés ou des organisations oeuvrant dans le domaine des systèmes d'édition SVG, des convertisseurs, des programmes sur serveur.

Équipement pour une Cabine


Computing and other Equipment

Les exposants organisent leur propre materiel (ordinateurs et autre équipement technique nécessaire). Le bureau de conférence peut aider dans l'organisation de votre exposition.


Exposants Commerciaux : 650 sfr. (environ 400 US$) pour une cabine de 5 mètres carrées, 1300 sfr. (environ 800 US$) for 10 mètres carrées

Non commercial (Open Source) Projects: GRATUIT

Si vous êtes intéressés, vous pouvez vous inscrire au moyen du formulaire de pré-enregistrement ou bien contactez-nous directement par courrier électronique.

Une information plus détaillée sur l'exposition technique sera prochainement disponible.

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