SVG Open / Carto.net
Developers Conference

Zurich, Switzerland - July 15-17, 2002


Current Sponsors, Supporters and Partner Conferences

The conference is so far sponsored/supported by the following organizations:

carto.net logo
corel logo
is the sponsor of the monday morning coffee-break at the conference.
ETH Logo
Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich
Eurographics Logo
Eurographics - European Association for Computer Graphics
See Sponsored Events & Affiliated Societies
Jasc Webdraw
Jasc Software
is the sponsor of the tuesday morning coffee-break at the conference.
O'Reilly Logo
O'Reilly; computer books, conferences, online publishing
See their book on SVG: SVG Essentials
Clickable Image
Pearson Education, international publisher; Markt+Technik, a part of it with german computer books See their books on SVG
SCGA - Swiss Computer Graphics Association
Department of Geography - GIS Division, Zurich University
World Wide Web Consortium
See SVG News
gmldev_logo GML-DEV Days 2002 is a partner conference of SVG.Open/Carto.net, Zurich 2002.
el_imaging_logo Electronic Imaging, Science and Technology is a conference in Santa Clara, CA, Jan 2003, that might be of interest for parts of the SVG community. See their Call for Papers

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