SVG Open / Carto.net
Developers Conference

Zurich, Switzerland - July 15-17, 2002



The conference should be a platform for SVG developers to share ideas, examples and implementations. The SVG community has well-established user groups with active online discussion-forums. Articles and tutorial-sites are evolving quickly. The conference should give the possibility to meet personally "in real world", thus opening other communication-channels and contacts, beside electronic-media. It should also give research institutions and software companies a platform to present their work and products around SVG/XML/Databases. Though SVG is the "core" of the conference neighbour technologies are welcome to be presented.

A parallel conference for online GIS/mapping

Because SVG is particularly useful for sharing and presenting cartographic and geographic data - in form of maps, diagrams, tables, illustrations and figures, etc. - we want to organize a parallel or sub/conference at the same time, dealing with the use and development of SVG in GIS, cartography, for location-based services and navigation systems. Having those two parallel conferences at the same time and location, it allows to share ideas and formulate requirements for both, GIS people and cartographers, as well as the SVG community, institutions and companies.

Target Audience

We want to target the following domains:

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