Geospatial Information Service System for Browser-phones utilizing PSVG

Shigeru Shimada,1 Masaaki Tanizaki1 and Satoru Takagi2

1 Hitachi, Ltd., Central Research Laboratory,
1-280 Higashi-koigakubo Kokubunji City Tokyo 185-8601, Japan

{shimada, tanizaki}

2 KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
2-1-15 Ohara Kamifukuoka-City Saitama 356-8502, Japan

Extended Abstract

We newly developed the location based geospatial information service system for browser-phones and their active users. This system supplies PSVG (Portable SVG; subset of ordinal SVG designed for mobile use) formed geospatial data retrieved and processed from the federated database interoperating with multiple legacy databases via GML.

KDDI laboratory Ltd. (KDDI-lab.) and Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (HCRL), that are participated in developing this system, have already developed interoperable GIS respectively for three or four years before. KDDI-lab developed Java-based GIS nicknamed JaMaPs which supplies SVG formed geospatial data to Web clients, and HCRL developed practical CORBA based Web GIS nicknamed AnyGIS which supplies a large scale facility management system. This newly developed system is composed of JaMaPsfs client technology and AnyGISfs server technology.

There are already many GML based trial systems which are constructed for the large scale GIS such as urban planning, facility management and so forth. But almost of them hold many problems for practical use, such as very slow response cause of large amount of GML data processing. Then we try to deal with GML to apply mobile GIS which treats rather small sized data and less affected pre-mentioned problems.

In this paper, we firstly describe the system architecture and functions, especially we focus on following feature of strong points;

and finally we describe the evaluation result of this newly constructed testbed system.