Submission for a contribution to SVG-Open conference

Robert Rivière -
Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement d'Aix-Les Milles
BP 37000
13791 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3

Experiments with SVG for an intranet interactive graphic application prototype

Inside the French Ministery of Transports, a study about deploying a Road Management Information System is being carried.

During year 2001, we have built a prototype of an application for graphical displaying and editing localized road objects.
As our global strategy is to develop new applications on top of Web architectures, the goal of this prototype was to validate the use of SVG technology for enabling simple graphic interactions in this context, and test vector graphics generation and use from XML data.

This work was made with the help of a small subcontracting company specialized in XML technologies.

The talk will be about a technical presentation of the prototype, showing how SVG has been used, what have been implementation questions and choices, and what kind of functionalities will be brought to users.
Tools used are the Adobe SVG Viewer V3, completed with some EcmaScript extensions developped by the subcontractor and which will be open-source, and XSLT technology for initial data transformation.

Furthermore, the talk will try to identify some general guidelines for Web interacive graphics mixed with HTML applications architecture.