NaviMap's end user functions

NaviMap, with its highly user friendly functionalities, turns the map navigation in a recreational activity, avoiding any waiting time.
Major functionalities are
smooth zoom and pan (*),
salve mini-map,
automated layer management, related to the zoom factor,
on-fly help popup on objects (point, line or area),
information report linked to any object,
distance measurement,
user localized objects,
history management,
cartographic bookmark manager,
name based object search, and automated positioning on the found object,
high quality print,
(*) smooth navigation refers to
fading of successive displays during zoom (in and out),
intelligent layer management, prohibiting the display of the heaviest layers during zoom and pan operations,
low size vector speeding data load,
no wait time during navigation: instant display following a user action.


This screenshot came from a SVG file generated, on the fly, by NaviMap Dynamic with a dataset covering the city of Paris.
Due to the copyright, this SVG file is not freely distributable.


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