17.5 things you may not want to know about SVG

(but I'm going to tell you anyway!)

Dean Jackson - W3C/CSIRO

NOTE: I'm not sure how long the presentations are supposed to be, how long I will devote to each topic and therefore how many micro-topics I'll talk about, so the number in the title may change.

Presenter details:

Dean is the editor of the SVG 1.1 specification and the staff contact for SVG at the W3C. He has been involved to some degree in a number of SVG implementations, whether it be coding, making suggestions, making terrible suggestions or distracting people who knew what they were doing by looking over their shoulder. His favourite parts of the SVG specification include fill-rule and calcMode="spline", and he is quite fond of Appendices I, K and M.


What does a presenter do when they really want to give 17.5 different talks in the one SVG conference? Easy, they cover all 17.5 topics in one talk! No warm-up, no introduction - just SVG stuff. Lots of animation! Lots of scripting! Lots of the nauseatingly boring nitty-gritty bits!

The topics will be kept in a locked, watertight, bulletproof container in the heart of Australia, and thus will remain a secret until moments before the presentation when, in a ceremony vaguely resembling the bit at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Dean will open the container and choose the ones that smell the least.

The audience are encouraged to bring rotten fruit and wear silly hats.