SVG + Java servlets for Web Maps


Randy George - SVG developer

Geotechnologies, Inc
17715 Canterbury Dr
Monument, CO 80132



SVG provides a foundation for publishing vector maps over the Internet. SVG web maps can have very flexible database linkage and a full range of customization, while still remaining accessible to generic browsers over the Internet. The purpose of this case study is to look at the details of a typical web mapping application using SVG as the presentation of both map data and database query results. Along the way we will have a chance to look at several approaches to manipulating SVG templates on the server.


A number of technologies will be used in this example including several java centric server side techniques:

This example will first look at building a typical SVG map with a two level hierarchy utilizing the open source data resources of the U.S. Census Bureau. Next we will add some JavaScript affects for rollover labeling and then move to the server side. Using Java servlets we will first connect to a database and build a simple HTML table query response. Next we will extend our database query with an svg bar chart response. The bar chart will be built from a template in four different ways, comparing strengths and weaknesses of each approach.


This presentation is aimed at beginner or intermediate SVG/Java developers interested in applying this technology to Web mapping.