Introduction to Jasc WebDraw

ElShaddai Edwards
Jasc Software, Inc.
7905 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, Minnesota
USA 55344
Phone : +1 (952) 294-2312
E-mail :

Jasc WebDraw is a new SVG graphics and animation authoring tool built by the makers of Jasc Paint Shop Pro, one of the Web's most popular image editors. Using the SVG specification as a native editing format, WebDraw provides SVG designers and developers with a unique combination of graphics design and source code editing tools.

The first part of this session will review how current graphics tools and Web authoring programs support SVG, and discuss the strengths and limitations inherent to each.

This second part of this session will explore the various authoring options in WebDraw and demonstrate how SVG content creators can use each feature to its maximum flexibility and productivity.

Designers will learn how standard illustration and editing tools have been implemented in a WYSIWYG canvas with full SVG attribute and property editing. Animators will learn how to unlock the secrets of the Animation Timeline to create complex animations and motion effects. Attendees will learn how to take advantage of WebDraw's integrated source code editor for editing efficiency, as well as how to customize and add their own resource files to WebDraw to more effectively work with their own content.

The final part of this session will cover tips and techniques on how SVG developers can use WebDraw with their existing products to most effectively develop content and take advantage of the unique features of all programs.