The NaviMap Concept
The NaviMap Basic Solution
The NaviMap POI Solution
The NaviMap Dynamic Solution
NaviMap's end user functions

The NaviMap Concept

Navimap is a software solution for online generation and broadcasting of high quality cartographic, platform independent, data.
Through the professional development of its founders, and some major achievements, Dryade, "a platform independent data access and broadcasting specialist", can provide convincing skills in cartography and geomatic.
This experience led the company to carry out the NaviMap solution in order to fulfil the following needs:
to be able to built customized, cost effective, mapping applications,
to team with software companies looking for cartographic solutions,
to provide an opened client/server architecture allowing to built applications that suits client's needs,
to provide high performances, and to be able to bear a heavy load ,
to make the most of both vector and raster solution, for client and server sides,
to use standard HTML clients including the well known SVG an Flash technologies,
to provide a very client friendly access, to be able to interact with the objects of the map, and to provide very powerful and smooth navigation on the map,
to broadcast high quality maps,
to be platform-independent : Internet workstation, Pocket PC PDA, CDROM stand-alone application.
NaviMap architecture is based on the underlaying MapCast server, and a customized client application using a Javascript API (Application Programming Interface) providing an access to the data and the mapping functions.
In order to give the appropriate answer to the client's needs, and to adapt the power of the system to the real functional need, NaviMap is available under three configurations.