SVG - The visual interface for Web services

Keywords: webservices, svg as a visual interface

Shane Aulenback
Corel Corporation
1600 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Z 8R7

Web services have been recognized throughout the industry for their open architecture, promise of component reuse, platform independence, and drag and drop tools. But to date, their development has tended to be limited to back-end connectivity and infrastructure.

SVG can take the promise of Web services one step further. Based on XML, SVG's graphical capabilities make it a compelling format for use as the front end for Web services. These visual interfaces harness the power and convenience of open standard solutions while remaining as usable and interactive as traditional interfaces found on a desktop.

Join Shane Aulenback and learn how SVG can be used in conjunction with other open standard technologies to build compelling visual interfaces for Web services.