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Keywords: interactive design, charts, topographic maps, DTP


Alexander Adam

PCX Software

Mühlenweg 10 ; DE-94469 Deggendorf

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The presentation shows how to create interactive web-publications "on the fly" with our SVG-authoring tool called "SVG Studio".

With "SVG Studio" it is possible to create customised, impressive and powerful SVG-Applications. It allows you to use various effects, nearly every form with paths and polygons, animations and script-bindings. It works like Flash® but with many improvements that SVG brings up. As SVG-Studio has full code-support, you can open SVG-Documents without that they get changed by the application. In this presentation we want to point out the main positive differences between the market-leader Macromedia® Flash® and SVG-Studio and what the Studio can do for SVG and his community.

Another part will be the presentation of SVG-advantages and their connection to SVG-Studio. In this part we'll show the modules the Studio will have as there are: DTP-Vector Software, Topography-Software and the Chart-Software parts. All these modules connect the SVG-features together with our Software. Last but not least is mention that SVG-Studio consists of a component-model, means you can download various packages just like scrollbars, buttons etc., load them in the Application and work (edit and use) with them.

Part one is the view and advantages of SVG in our eyes and its future for the professional market. Part two will consist on a presentation of our SVG-Authoring-Tool and its features for SVG. Part three will treat our planned SVG-Community, a central point for all SVG-Developers (independent from SVG-Studio!).

If possible, the presentation should be supported by an interactive computer-presentation made by SVG-Studio itself.


About the company

The company is set in Bavaria, Germany.

We're developing Software since early 1995, special Software for SVG is built since 2001.

As we changed our company-policy, we now concentrate on developing powerful and flexible Software for the new coming web-standard SVG.


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